Origami Canada is a federal non-profit organization which founded and registered by Jackie Han.

It’s a free mobile origami teaching station for kids, for parents, for seniors.

 The purpose is to:

* Research and create all kinds of complicated and beautiful origami art models (one sheet of paper, uncut)

* Promote and introduce the art of origami to Canadians.

* Communicate with all the origami lovers on the topic of Origami art.

*Popularize the art of origami to Kids, children, teenagers, and seniors in various community activities, teach them beautiful and colorful origami works for free.

Founder: Jackie Han

Founder: Jackie Han

Founder: Jackie Han

Founder: Jackie Han

Jackie Han, a grade 11 high school student, is passionate about creating origami art with his hands from 6 years old. Insects, animals and architecture(geometry)  are among some of his favorite subjects.

He has been teaching himself for 10 years and has studied a variety of origami methods and origami models. His love and passion for origami has become a vocation for him as he engages the community promoting the traditional art of origami sharing his passion with children and seniors,  enriching their lives and indeed inspiring all of his participants natural curiosity!

Jackie is always looking for new challenges to improve his origami craft. And, he would like to let everyone know that in addition to computers and games - that there is an amazing world of fun and creativity to be found in one piece of uncut paper! Origami🦓🦒🕷🐜🎨

Jackie has  been teaching the children's origami in the communities  from 12 years old( Grade 6), and never stopped. Transforming personal interests and hobbies into the productivity of the service community is his motivation and understanding of learning.

Jackie is a STEAM enthusiast🔭🔬🔬

 Jackie is very keen on promotion activities in the STEM community, he is also very proud as an important member of @stemkidsrock.


Jackie—- STEAM enthusiast

2019 Summer, Jackie was engaged in Medical volunteer program in Africa—- ‘’The journey of African Medical volunteerism was indeed full of thrills, challenges and unexpected difficulties! There’s a lot of “firsts” in my life. I went alone through a bunch of continents and things. Also first time looking at such grotesque wounds in the leprosy camp and treating them... it was really tough...😄😄However, it was a truest amazing experience! A big thanks to all of those who took care of me kindly!’’

2018 Ontario Volunteers Award🎉

Jackie is also a promoter of multi-culturalism in our community, performing nearly 50 times for various community activities all these years.👏👏

Jackie likes sports; sports make him maintain great learning enthusiasm in all areas😛😄😃

If you have any questions, please contact us! We are more than pleased to answer any questions!


Email:    origamicanada100@gmail.com

Twitter: @origami_canada   @jackiehan4869