2021Online classroom


*May 20th, 2021 Origami workshop online class for Richmond Hill Central Library 

*March 2021 Maple Syrup Festival (virtual event)-Origami classroom

*The 53rd Richmond Hill Winter Carnival is here! Origami Fun with Jackie 

Free virtual origami workshop for Youth

Free virtual origami workshop for Youth

Free virtual origami workshop for Youth

Free virtual origami workshop for Youth

*Origami fun for Virtual Winter Carnival in Richmond Hill-Feb.1st-7th.

*Origami workshop with Scouts Canada- Jan.13th

*Virtual Origami Talent Show in #MarkhamUnionville -Dec. 23rd

*Origami Fun For 2020 Christmas. Click here

*Welcome to our Instagram community!


New! Merry Christmas 🎄

👏🎊🇨🇦We are very excited to popularize origami arts within the communities through videos. This is an innovation creativity between non-profit organizations during the fight of the COVID-19—Free Virtual Origami Teaching Courses.

@origami_canada at the Retirement Livings

@origami_canada in hospitals

@origami_canada in the community festivals

@origami_canada in schools

@origami_canada in libraries


2020 Innovative Origami Online Classes for Community kids

Congratulations! To date(October 1st. 2020) Origami Canada has been teaching over 15000 people in various activities. Our Free Origami Teaching Station gained more and more popularity in the community!


Get to know some new origami enthusiasts who joined our squad recently, you can meet them at our upcoming events! We are a professional origami squad!


O: Observation

R: Relaxation

I: Imagination

G: Geometric Thinking

A: Agility

M: Multi-ability

I: Innovation

Founder: Jackie Han, a Grade 10 student

Jackie would like to teach friends origami works🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

Our excellent Volunteer Squad👍👍

Let’s contribute to the Community!👍👏😆

*We are a free origami teaching station for kids,  for youths, for seniors.

*Everything is free!

*We welcome any schools, libraries, art galleries, retirement homes, etc. to contact us.






@origami_canada @jackiehan4869



ORIGAMI--- Fold & Practice

It's not only an art🎨

But also mathematics and sciences✍️

Moreover, it stimulates our brains and gives us a positive life mentality💗