Enjoy folding a ❤️ with Jackie

Week 3 virtual teaching

🎊🇨🇦We are very excited to popularize origami arts lwithin the communities for free. This is an amazing creativity between non-profit organizations during the fight of the COVID-19—Free virtual origami teaching courses. #community #communityservice

🏖️🏖️🏖️Free Virtual Origami Class for community origami lovers. July 23rd 2-4pm/August 22nd 2-4pm


Everything is free! origamicanada100@gmail.com Instagram: origami_canada

YouTube Resources-Free Virtual Origami class

*How to fold a ROSE  *How to fold a swan

*How to fold a SWAN  *How to fold a SCHNAUZER DOG

2020/05 free virtual course for intermediate level fans.

Community service for free
@Apr 1st---Online Class for high level origami fans

@Apr 15th---Online Class for Jefferson Area kids

@Apr 22nd---Online Class for origami beginners

#StayHealthy, #stayTalented---Under this special epidemic, we have opened an online tutorial platform to build another bridge in communicating the fun of origami. I am so excited to e-meet all you origami fans ! Hope to see you guys soon!

For community beginner fans

Origami Online Class is being hosted bi-weekly! At 2:00pm of April 1st, an innovative Free Origami Online Class, which so many origami fans anticipated, has been hosted. Many enthusiasts gathered in the Zoom Online class to learn about my delicately prepared origami models—the Four-leaf clover bonsai, and the conch shell.

Yeah! Origami really has no cultural limits, nor age limits! In this difficult time, Origami Canada will continue to hold innovative and meaningful activities to enrich our origami skills, thus enhancing our volunteer experience! The Online-Class style really enriches the home life of origami enthusiasts. It also innovates and expands our model of community service.

Japanese temple 🏠

Umbrella Girls,  made from 1m*1m sheet of paper.

Grasping and observing the details of the work is the key😛😛😛

Grasping and observing the details of the work is the key😛😛😛

We should constantly pursue the perfection of details and set higher goals for ourselves so that our origami level will improve continuously!

Complex lineations are the foundation of success and requires our patience